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Основа: ACis
Разработчик: ACis
Версия: 365
Хроники: Interlude

Changeset 365 (652)

Dimensional Rift, AbstractGroup / Party / CommandChannel, Scheme Buffer, Misc

Dimensional Rift
- cleaned up (delete _deadPlayers, unify writting style, delete single use methods).
- Fix an issue with _isBossRoom not being fed.
- L2 legacy website : "When the party changes (such as leaving or banning from party) in the Dimensional Rift, the party will be transported to the waiting room."
- Remove all custom messages.
- Fix a ConcurrentException on _revivedInWaitingRoom.

AbstractGroup / Party / CommandChannel
- cleaning
- enum generation, enforce types.
- party leader reference is stored and not retrieved from .get(0) - avoid a rare IOOBE (probably occuring during leader transfer ?).
- remove L2 prefix to Party and CommandChannel classes.
- generate a package model.group.
- Both Party and CommandChannel use at least the 2 initial parameters (leader / invited member type).
- creation of AbstractGroup class, a layer shared between Party and CommandChannel.
- Modify Party creation to be handled by RequestAnswerJoinParty instead of RequestJoinParty, which was one big exploit (party leader being considered positive to isInParty() for the whole duration of invite request - while there is no party yet created).
- Fix "The party has dispersed" bug issue, generated if you let the invite run off (due to Party object being created and immediately deleted - main reason of the above rework), ty Marcatu.
- Party requestor is now checked regarding pending request (he wasn't before, so you could request a trade and a party invite).
- Strategy Guide item is now consumed on CommandChannel creation, and not simply checked. Drop getPledgeClass() check (plain wrong) and item check (handled by creation) on CommandChannel invitation.
- Drop ALT_LEAVE_PARTY_LEADER config. Apply default party disband case to all scenarios.

Scheme Buffer
- Available buffs are ordered as listed on XML. Ty Sahar.
- Fix a NumberFormatException on schemes restore. Ty Sahar.

- Fix a MysqlDataTruncation on punish_timer. Ty katara.
- Fix TARGET_AREA_SUMMON skills type. Ty x-user.
- Cleanup FishingSkill skillhandler, fix the penalty issue. Ty Ailierynn.
- Introduce isUsingServerSideName / isUsingServerSideTitle to fix client/custom NPC names/titles.
- Fix previous revision regarding AURA type skills registration on NPC templates. Ty Sahar.
- Enforce "party size" (2/9 min/max) for Four Sepulcher and Festival of Darkness configs. Cleanup "beyond exotic" 1-man case Four Sepulcher.
- Merchant mustn't have the option to trade Shadow Weapon coupons, only grand masters are. Refresh all Shadow Weapon related HTMs. Ty Anarchy for report.
- Release transaction (requestor/onTransactionRequest) as fast as possible (before you were stucked in middle of a transaction on whatever returning check...). All cases are edited.
- To keep an harmony, party duels are canceled if party is modified (added/removed member now cancels it, before only leader drop was leading to that scenario) - Dimensional Rift rule.
- //party_info admincommand cleanup.
- Cleanup Quest getPartyMembers / getPartyMembersState methods.

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